Have Automation Theory maintain MySQL for you! Our maintenance package is a subscription to all of our a la carte MySQL performance and security products.

MySQL Maintenance Package details

Automate is the core of many MSPs, and the heart of Automate is its MySQL database. In today’s IT market MSPs are growing faster than ever, and the need for securing RMMs is ever increasing. Scaling, securing, and maintaining MySQL is outside the wheelhouse of many IT providers, resulting in poor performance and underlying security flaws.

In response to this need, we’ve created a maintenance package as a one-stop shop for everything MSPs need to scale and secure Automate’s MySQL database. The monthly subscription includes:

  • Our plugin Database Tuner (full version) for real-time database performance tuning
  • 1 annual Database Tuneup (performance analysis and custom configuration file)
  • 4 MySQL Patches (applied quarterly as Oracle releases security updates)

Our maintenance package takes these products, applies a bulk discount, and then offers them as a monthly subscription to better fit the MSP model. This ensures that IT providers are always ready to grow their business, that the configuration is optimized to their specific environment, and that the underlying technology stack has the latest security and stability patches applied.