Database Tuner is a plugin for Automate that dynamically adjusts MySQL to perform optimally for ConnectWise Automate.

The plugin works by scaling various components of MySQL based on the maximum connections variable and live performance data. All the adjustments are done in real-time without the need to bring the database offline. The performance tune is run every 12 hours to ensure that the database is always optimally configured.

The plugin also offers messages advising if additional resources are needed based off the size of the database, as well as the option to put the database back to the default settings.

Items examined by Database Tuner:

  • Cache/buffer size and configuration
  • Transaction handling
  • Thread behavior
  • I/O handling
  • Connection handling
  • MySQL Optimizer behavior

A screenshot of the Database Tuner plugin GUI in the System Dashboard.

Technical Case Study: Reading from the computers table

MySQL has a load testing application known as mysqlslap. To put Database Tuner to the test we created a simulated load scenario, within the parameters allowed by mysqlslap. The computers table has 86 columns total, and it uses the InnoDB storage engine. We configured mysqlslap to automatically generate a table with the same number of character and integer columns (skipping columns containing timestamps and other data types). The simulation created 10 simultaneous connections (simulating 10 users) all trying to read the data 5 times (since the sluggish behavior from the Control Center is caused by a delay in reading the data). This test case was run 50 times to get an average representation.

The times are all very small since this test server was only running this test (and there was no overhead from the application in the forms of monitors, searches, reports, scripts, etc.). Even so, the average time to run all queries was reduced by 21.46%. In a production environment (where the vast majority of queries reference the computers table) the savings would be even greater.

What are others saying about Database Tuner?

Great plugin to add!

5.0 rating
July 24, 2020

Automate has been much faster and more stable since installing the Database Tuner plugin.

Jeff Lehman

Best thing you can do to your Automate Server is this!

5.0 rating
July 16, 2020

Hi Guys,
I’ve been a Automate user since it was pre-CW (good ole’ LabTech software days!); I came in right before Ignite, so I’ve been utilizing Automate at various places for over 10 years. I just came to a new MSP for me and we moved over to Automate (On Prem) on some server hardware that was less than what is recommend by ConnectWise for Automate (We were in a crunch). This plugin made a huge difference on the basics of the systems, from constantly failing disabled monitors to glitches causing the Thick Client to have to be reloaded. I haven’t had a single one of these issues since I’ve started using the Database Tuner plugin. IF it makes a huge difference on 10 year old hardware that isn’t quite meeting the CW Automate requirements and makes it run smooth, Image what this will do to your system that has the modern resources in it. This will be a plugin that is continued to use when we do get our new hardware in as well.

Jeremy Barnes

Getting started

Every Automate instance has a different environment. While we believe that the Database Tuner plugin will improve any environment, we want to make sure that the improvement is noticeable and not just a digital statistics trick. We advise anyone who is interested in the plugin to use the form below and start with a free 30-day trial. You’ll get the full performance tune, and you can decide for yourself if the plugin is a good fit for your server.


Value proposition

Our goal is to provide the most value for our service. Our plugin is priced as a monthly subscription; as the application changes so to do the performance needs, and thus our work is never done. We offer Database Tuner for under $10 a day. This gives partners an expertly tuned database for about the price of lunch. We’re also confident that the reduced wait times will make your staff more productive and your server more stable, and the time saved will make Database Tuner pay for itself.